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Friday pre storm dinner


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29 minutes ago, BuffJim said:

Grilled Cheese and tomato soup.  We're supposed to get a slopfest tomorrow, 5" of snow mixed with sleet, rain and ice. Followed by high winds. But nothing that will shut us down,

Nice. I almost made this combo. Couple nights ago hanging w/ BCC, her daughter mentioned grilled cheese. I thought, I haven't made that in a while :D

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29 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

Tomorrow's left overs will be even better :)


My family loves stuffed peppers.  I used to make them like in the picture but some years ago my daughter recommended cutting them in half and stuffing them.  Much easier to make & eat that way.  I also serve with marinara so it’s easier to coat the meat & pepper.

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I use jar sauce from a local pizza place...it is in the stores...pepperoni, 2 kinds of mushrooms, onion, and orange pepper..a little parmesian  and mozzarella ...I usually put more cheese on...but the mozzarella was basically the end of 2 packages from New Years....  Crust was grand! I watched the clock while I kneaded it..and it was great crunchy..since I cook on an old aluminum cookie sheet...I pre cook the crust about 5 minutes with a little olive oil salt & pepper...then I top it and bake about 18 minutes or so..Sometimes I win..sometimes not so much.... This was a WIN!!! :cheerleader:

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