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It's complicated.  A couple nights ago, I made ride.  Easy, right?  well, the instructions are not super clearish.  There are so many settings.  I cooked some, and I looked over and the display read : "BURN"  

Ahhhh,  So, I cancelled it.  You can cook rice on the rice setting or grain setting, or regular pressure cook cycle. Last time, 4 minutes was about right on grain.  This time, I followed the second cookbook that came with the machine.  The basmati rice recipe was different water amounts and different setting instructions.  That rice came out ok, but the bottom was way overdone.

Why did I buy this thing?

On a positive note, It took less than half the time to burn this rice, compared to about an hour on the stove top. Progress.

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It took a couple years to get used to it, but I use it all the time now.

Tonite is smoked pork neck bones with those red beans you use in chili, chicken bone broth, cabbage and celery. After  it's done, I'll add BBQ seasonings.

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