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Wo46 said uhhhh no


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31 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Why not?

That's what I said. 

1 hour ago, donkpow said:

Is it racing on dirt that bothers her or the short track?

I told her that speed is slower than road racing and the dirt is less abrasive if you fall off. 

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1 hour ago, late said:

she doesn't want to get dirty.

My wife gets all excited when we go by construction, she wants to close the windows and shut down the fan.

No she doesn't have a problem with getting dirty ( she been hanging around dirt tracks with me going on 40 years) She did say that she would try a slower class she wouldn't  want to race the 1000cc class. 

I might take a spin this race season on a F-2 rig but wo46 said she wasn't Shure if she wanted to monkey because of the speed that a F-2 sidecar hits.



I never unloaded the bike that day....It was 55 and raining 

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