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Saturday Morning Cooking!


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Just about ready to take a loaf of Cranberry Orange Nut bread out of the oven...I had the cranberries and well Oranges are in season...although the juice in my last bread was sweeter :whistle:  While I was doing that...I did not put some dishes out of the way and was working with less space...and poked my damn finger with my knife (you are not suppose to do that) :frantics:  Not much blood so I guess not too deep! I decided to start washing those few dishes...and make breakfast..

I had a couple of cupboard doors open and I leaned in to put a baking ingredient away...and banged my head....Hard enough to leave a red mark :facepalm: Normally...I don't have a problem...

So then it was breakfast/brunch. I diced up my wrinkled potato..and started frying it..added onion and orange pepper..and 4 or 5 mushrooms...baby bellas and white...then I diced up 1 slice of boars head ham and tossed that in. Topped it with bits of Gouda and Cheddar and 2 eggs...It was very good..but that may be because I hit my head :wacko:

I think I am done til dinner tonight


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