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Polish Cooking TV show on PBS!


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As someone raised by a Polish-American mother who fed us golabki (stuffed cabbage), etc., I was excited to see that my local PBS station began airing "Flavor of Poland," a polish foods from various cities and cooking instructions show. Today was Season 1 , Episode 1 on Maryland Public Broadcasting, but its 2nd season has begun airing according to Google. It's hosted by Alexandra August, a Polish-American whose name is probably anglicized from something like Augustowski.

I saw my first episode today, Season 1, Episode 1: Krakow - where we learn that bagels were invented there by Jews around 1600, how to roast a marinaded, stuffed duck, and how to make Babka Grysikowa, or Cream of Wheat Bundt Cake.

The website is: https://www.flavorofpoland.com/ and it has the recipes from it's 6 season 1 episodes.

It includes one the greatest polish deserts, Poppy Seed Cake - though be careful to buy a good, dark, poppy seed filling to get the right taste.  I can't wait to see the future recipes for golabki (stuffed cabbage aka "Pigs in the Blanket"), pierogi, haluski (fried cabbage and noodles), and other dishes that are so much better freshly made than store-bought.

758194890_PoppySeedCake.JPG.9feca45cdce247d34060e877f37c7643.JPG  1975649932_SomeMainDishes.thumb.JPG.10f140c21a43b17305e85361f6cb6ce1.JPG

Cabbage is a major part of Polish cooking!

1602491554_AlexandraAugust.JPG.8dcbc323590f9fe1502e9c777cc8bfa2.JPG  1007870717_AlexandraAugust2.thumb.JPG.46a5355a5c4fc76249aeacf749358609.JPG  885604986_CreamofWheatBundtCake.JPG.9e0f809b7fdc0e786310995ba591404d.JPG


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