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Waffle sunday


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Good morning 

Now you have me thinking. The only time I would have waffles was when we were staying in a hotel with the breakfast area and since we bought the motorhome I have not had waffles. One reason why I don't eat waffles very often is the carbohydrates. 

Now I want waffles 

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15 minutes ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

Keto waffles using either almond or coconut flour are tasty and low carb.

We have used coconut flour for pancakes before. Lately we have been having regular pancakes as a special treat. 

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4 hours ago, Dottie said:

Wife made Kodiak protein blueberry pancakes this morning.  Very grubbin'.



What kind of fool takes no particular care of a glass jar of fresh blueberries?  "Yes, let's just get blueberries and take them out of their original container and put them in a glass jar, then not give a fuck whether we keep that jar upright or not, ok?"

I hate the fake instagrammyness of  this picture, those who composed it need to die.

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