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Haloski (ha-LOOSH-ki in Polish) is a simple fried-in-butter cabbage (half to a whole head), egg noodles (8 oz dry), and onions (one large sweet onion) dish that I've enjoyed at relatives' homes.  It's a common side dish in Poland, Russia, Hungary, Serbia, and Czechia with slight variations in name or pronunciation.

Lately, I've seen where people have added peas, bacon, sausage, or other kinds of meat and veggies to make it a one pan meal. That works for me, as well as cutting down the amount of pasta or egg noodles and replacing it with a veggie.

Some steam the cabbage to slightly-soften it first, others let it simmer a long time in butter. I'll steam unless I get lazy.

So tomorrow I'm going to buy the stuff I need to make it. I'm thinking bacon and peas along with the cabbage, egg noodles and onions for my first try.

Here's one with kielbasa and peas (https://lovefoodies.com/polish-cabbage-and-noodles-haluski/):


Here's one with pancetta for extra-flavor (https://www.afamilyfeast.com/haluski-fried-cabbage-noodles/) - I'll use a little more meat:


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7 hours ago, Rick5234 said:

My sister makes her own noodles when she makes it.  Basically breaks off small clumps of the doe with a spoon, almost like a dumpling.  She makes the best I've ever had.

I looked at a bunch of recipes from various nationalities and some use potatoes to make Italian gnocchi a tiny potato dumpling, others use dumplings and some use German Spaetzle, a thick noodle that can be made at home by putting the batter in a colander and pushing the batter through the holes, letting it fall into hot water.  I like extra-wide egg noodles, so I bought some for my first trial.  I have to call my cousin Eleanor again to find out what ratio she uses of cabbage and noodles/pasta.  Some recipes call for a large head of cabbage per 8 oz. of dry pasta/noodles and others call for half a head.

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