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Week one in the bag


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So I start week two of the new lifestyle of eating. Last week went well. I ate a lot of legumes and veggies. I did have my one serving of meat on Friday in the form of a bacon cheeseburger, Though it tasted delicious it made my stomach mad at me until mid morning on Saturday.


I bought some veggie "meat" and some tofu "sausages" yesterday. I then made a meatless, no cheese italian sausage sub. Using tomato paste, onions, jalopenos, hungarian peppers, garlic, olive oil, and the tofu "italian sausage" links. Had a 5 grain baguette bread toaste with just mustard.


It was actually very good.


I can eat quite a bit of fish as well but don't usually like fish unless it is battered, deep fried, and served with tarter sauce. For dinner on Sunday I ate salmon filet that was prepared in a Turkish style. My wife asked her mother for a recipe that would be natural and limit the fishy taste in salmon. I was dubious, I actually detest salmon. 


Recipe was as follows: Olive oil, crushed garlic, dill, black pepper, chopped parsley, salmon. Let marinate for half hour then salt and oregano. Cook for 20 @ 400. Had broccoli with it. Was VERY good. didn't even have a fishy flavor. Fish was still firm but flaked out nicely in mouth.



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So far I feel fine. Being a meat eater is a large part of my prior diet. Now without such I am usually hungry. Like a low burn rather a full fledged hunger pain.


I snack with walnuts and veggies as my main dishes but sometimes it just doesn't wanna bite. 


While weight loss was secondary and a more regulated autoimmune was the primary, I am happy to report 1.5lbs lost since doctor weigh in.

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