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Beyond Boiling Bags: Baking bags.


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I hadn't been to Wegman's supermarket in months - it's a half-hour drive, and had a pleasant surprise Thursday.

Two of the items I bought were very small, marinated, half and whole "without antibiotics" chickens in plastic bags that you put right into a 425F oven, placing them in a pan or on a cookie sheet and baking the half chicken for 45 min, and the whole chicken for 75 min - though I'll pierce the bag at the end time with an instant read thermometer to make sure the meat is 165F. I have had plastic containers you put right on the rack in an over but hadn't seen baking bags before - the "rimmed pan" requirement is probably a precaution in case a bag begins leaking marinade after it swells due to heat. They weren't cheap, the whole was $3.29/lb for a 3.19 lb (maybe 2.5 lb without the marinade) whole chicken and $4.49 lb for a1.44 lb (1 lb?) half-chicken.  I little expensive but maybe the marinades are worth it and It's worth the experience. The ingredients list has a minimum of artifial preservatives and it's about 100 mg of Sodium per ounce - though maybe less after the marinade is removed:






Wegmans Garlic Parmesan Whole Chicken Front 900p.jpg

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2 minutes ago, Airehead said:

I buy those for my dad. He likes them and actually eats. He isn’t doing well cooking for one. 

Cooking for one sucks. When Esther was in the hospital I didn’t cook very good stuff. I usually stopped on the way home from the horsespittle and had dinner somewhere. Breakfast I had cereal and yogurt with frozen berries. I did eat a few packages of steam in the bag vegetables.

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Whiles we are on the subject of single use plastics, yesterday three boxes were delivered to our door. One was a box of disposable wipes packed in another box just big enough to fit. One was a big box with all kinds of supplies I need to care for my wife. It had air bags to fill the empty space. The third box was about two feet long and about 6”X8”. Inside was about ten feet of air bags and one catheter. There was enough unused space in the big box for a hundred catheters.

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2 hours ago, Longjohn said:

How do you roast a turkey if you don’t bag it? I’ve been using roasting bags for many years.

You can't roast with a bag, just sayin'...

I stopped using bags a long time ago. I use a V shaped rack, cook the bird upside down for a few hours, and then flip it right side up for a few hours. The bird gets brown all over. We also put butter under the skin.

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