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I am slow to wake up. Scratch that, I am slower to wake up than an old hound on a porch in Georgia when the temp sails over 100.

So I got up about 3 hours ago, feeling even more out of it than usual. Made my usual cup of tea, watched a MSNBC discussion about the hearings for the better part of an hour. Got up, make breakfast (2 eggs, potato patty, a slice of Smokehouse Cheddar, one slice of multigrain bread), finished the show over breakfast.

Then I did my morning computer ritual, checked Asia Times for check on the virus, the Guardian to see if they were onto anything good (they weren't) and WAPO to see if they had come up with anything extraordinary. Nope, one good article, but not worth posting on the interwebz.

Post some really obvious crap on POFO, the professional trolls are making a mess of the place. Which is annoying.

In an hour, I am having guys come to work on my treadmill. Which will be expensive, of course. I am still in my PJs, and I don't yet feel like physically doing anything, much less being social.

A pollster called, it turned out to be a push poll for Bloomberg. I answered all the questions save one. The last questions weren't questions at all, but mini-speeches designed to make Bloomberg look good. After a few, I'd had it and hung up. A few seconds later, the phone rings, and it's the pollster saying he only has one question left.


I don't holler at people, but I so want to right now.

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1 hour ago, Airehead said:

Did the treadmill get fixed

It wasn't busted. I'd had it for 2 years, and it was due for a service. The headphone jack has an intermittent short, he's gonna send me one. I got a really good one, all it needed was cleaning.

After we went to Noble BBQ where I got a meatloaf burger, which seriously improved my mood.

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I have answered a few phone calls lately because of all the hospitals and medical people that have been calling. When it turns out to not be a medical call I tell them I’m expecting a doctor to call and you are not one and I don’t want to talk to you, bye, click

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