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Meat Raffle


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We have them here but I bet they vary in how they run from place to place.  The ticket usually gets you beer and munchies. Maybe a couple meat tickets,  but maybe not. In my experience you need to take all the money you intend to spend in one dollar bills. Each round starts with the announcer saying how many spins there will be. More spins— bigger chance of winning bacon or chops or whatever.  So strategy to buy more tickets for that round may work but prizes may not be the highest priced meats.   There might be a non-meat 50/50 too. 

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In Maryland, Delaware, and eastern PA, we have meat shoots. If you break a clay target that is bright green, you get your choice of whatever is in the cooler. Pound of bacon, scrapple, loin chops, ground beef—. Lots of people show up for meat shoots. They always benefit a charity of some sort. 

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