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Yoga session


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I have found there are two things I don't like about yoga, a packed room and hot yoga.

Last week when we went, it was just me, my wife, and the instructor.  It was awesome.  I told her I have a small brain and can't interpret her gentle and subtle assists.  She was much more forceful.

We go on Sunday mornings.  Then there is a farmers market right outside the studio, one sells lots of organic produce.  It's a lot more to buy it there, but it makes my wife happy.

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1 hour ago, Further said:

I know yoga would do me a world of good....but I'm a bit shy of being the old fat man in a class of fit middle aged woman, cause those are people I hear talking about yoga. What do the yoga practitioners here think ? 

Go.  It's very much about acceptance.  I am old and overweight.  I wear a long stretchy shirt and gently tuck it in my pants so when I am leaning down, my shirt doesn't ride up.  Many people at my studio are overweight.  Some are experts.  Some are beginners like me.  Yoga teachers are wonderful.  @SuzieQ

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