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For Zephyr: history


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This may be boring to you....the history of the RCMP.  Calgary has museum which I think...Regina also.  We have a museum 'cause that's partially how Calgary started.  Cops came to tame the wild west of drunks..even some cops off duty got drunk themselves at times. It's recorded in the museum archives.

1 of my most heavily visited blog posts is this: https://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/north-west-mounted-police-rcmp-legacy-with-red-jackets/   I suspect it's children doing historic research for their projects.

There is a fantastic (copy maybe) of an oil painting of Northwest Mounted Police in 1800's of daily life in our area.  Below is photo of only half of the painting which hung in our city hall. It will be disappointing this painting is not there after the major restoration of city hall is revealed this fall..after being under wraps for past 3-4 yrs.  Other half of painting is a bunch of police only in half uniform (as if they actually wore uniform all the time) pulling at a log boom...


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4 hours ago, Rattlecan said:

Many years ago, I read a novel called The Whiskey Traders or something like that. It was a historical fiction about the founding of the NWMP, later to become the RCMP.

I should see if I can find it and read it again.

I have a shelf full of books related to RCMP history, I shoukd peek and see if that one is there

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