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Update on Gas & Electric Bill screwup: late fee waived


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For the first time ever, for decades, our gas and electric utility, BGE, did not take my monthly payment (Jan. 27th ) out of my checking account.

On Feb. 2, I got an email saying it was added to my Feb. 24th payment plus a $5.47 late fee.  A wrong $5.47 charge won't lead to a life of constant sorrow, but it's the principle of the thing and I don't want it, somehow, ending up affecting my 800+ credit rating.

Today, BGE admitted IT screwed up and waived the $5.47 late fee!

BUT...the bill with the late fee is already scheduled for Feb. 24th and allegedly the phone rep. can't change that.

So a $5.47 credit will be applied to my Mar. 28th bill.

That works for me since the phone rep. said there's no credit report, etc. associated with the charge. It's nice that I keep a budget spreadsheet, so I can add add a comment to the March BGE payment cell to remind me to keep an eye out for that $5.47.


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