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Why would you live in NYC? (Eastern related)


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So I have cable, something we have here in flyover country - we don't need antennas.  I get channels. One of the channels is for New York City stuff and it is entirely crappy, the channel is called 'Gutter' or somesuch.

Anyway, NYC didn't look so good.  It seems entirely populated by bad guys and malevolent gangs, with just enough honest guys to put up a fight while getting constantly crapped on.  There are few decent women.  People do drugs a lot, and it doesn't look super enjoyable.  Disagreements were solved by shooting.

This last part sounds really appealing, though.

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2 minutes ago, jsharr said:

Look, you don't spend years clutching your parody meter at the feet of the master without some greatness rubbing off on you.

I know I am good..., but 'master'.......   I have  ever thought of myself as a master until now.   Thanks!

(And cue '-bater' jokes in three... two.... )

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