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Brasil or Germany?


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I choose Germany.



Their goal tender is one of the best in the world, defense performance erratic, midfield strong with an excellent passer in Muller.


Brasil has a stellar offense and strong defense. Midfield is terrible and their goalie Zeiler is past his prime. He can't even get in a ball club outside of MLS, and a canadian team to boot!



Game time is 12 away. 


Whats your choice?

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Seriously.  The media was already discussing the likelihood of after-game violence if Brazil lost, and that was assuming they only lost by a point or so.  If Germany embarrasses them any more...    :(

So you think Germany should let up, in interest of trying to hold off the possibility of rioting? :scratch head:


The true beauty of soccer

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Germany came out there against a whole country. Did you hear the Brasil anthem being sung? That was a home town crowd right there


the thing is that Brasil just didn't play any defense. After the first goal, they started to panic, after the second goal, they fell apart.


You can't compare the US/Germany  game to that one. Brasil would have run our team off the pitch


there's that old quote from way back in football history....


"Football is a simple game. 22 men kick a ball around for 90 minutes and in the end, the Germans always win"


1966 not withstanding ;)

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