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8 hours ago, Indy said:

Fin wants to go see dinosaurs and she isn't taking no for an answer.

And yes, she means real live dinosaurs.


I can't find any live ones, but there are lots of them at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh.

I had an aunt and uncle who lived in Altoona, PA.  When I learned Pittsburgh was only about 90 minutes away, I said, "Let's spend a day there the next time I come up and visit.  So we did.  I had mapped it all out - in pre-Internet, pre-GPS days. We drove to the ruins of the original Fort Duquesne at the junction of the three rivers, then we drove to the Carnegie Museum.  We walked in and there were lots of assembled dinosaur fossils, including a Brontosaurus (or whatever they've renamed it) towering high up into the high-ceiling room.

My aunt - in her 60's at the time - looked very shaken as she grabbed my arm and asked, "You mean dinosaurs were real?"

I was stunned by her ignorance, but felt happy for her: I figured it must be a thrill to suddenly learn something like that - sort of like finding out Sasquatch exists.


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1 hour ago, MickinMD said:

We drove to the ruins of the original Fort Duquesne at the junction of the three rivers

We call that Fort Pitt, because the English took it away from the French in 1758. 

Downtown Pittsburgh is accessed from the South by crossing the Monongahela River via the Fort Pitt bridge (and tunnel going through Mount Washington, where General Washington had once surveyed the French positions). From the North, one crosses the Allegheny River via the Fort Duquesne bridge.

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