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Morning. 20’s and a few inches of snow this morning. Possibly some freezing rain later before going back to snow. Could see 12” or more here. We were supposed to head north later today for my cousins funeral but they are under a storm warning until Friday night. Expecting 18-24. My Aunt asked that we don’t try and travel in that. 

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26 minutes ago, jsharr said:

30 here with a windchill of 21.  Slight snow and ice in the area.  We did not get any.

A friend just emailed me and she said it was 28 in Ft Worth.

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3 minutes ago, Kirby said:

Damp and rainy here today.  Heavier rains are supposed to come later today and tomorrow.   But it's not snow.

You need to get with the program. When we type “it’s not” on the forum we are supposed to type it “it’ snot” it’s what we do. Blame Ralph. :hapydance:

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We got 2 inches of snow between about 5 and 8pm last night.  The roads were wet and the temp dropped real quick as the snow started.  The first bit of snow and cold turned most of our local roads to ice.  Locally most of the schools closed today.  First snow day of the year.  Last year I think they had already used up the allotted days by this time.  WoKzoo was happy to get a paid day off and not have another day of dealing with crazed juveniles. 

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