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SPOILER: Stage 5 carnage

Road Runner

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amazing.  So much was made of the cobbles but there were so many crashes even before they got there...


Very sad to see the defending champion taken out, no matter who it is.   :(


I was going to say Contador's road to the top of the podium just got easier - but I think it's better to save such statements until today's stage is through.

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holy cow!  Contador lost almost three minutes!


I can only assume he was extra wary of the conditions, and/or has supreme confidence that he can beat Nibali in the mountains.  Or the TT, if it comes to that.

I think he can make up some time on Nibali in the ITT but I see Astana having a better TTT than Tinoff, call the TT's a wash.

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Lots of drama, but I think this stage hurts the Tour overall.  JMO, of course.  


If you are a NASCAR fan and you like to see people crashing, don't miss Stage 5.   :(

Agreed, I'd much rather see everyone race the whole race.

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