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Miles and stuff for 2/8/20


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Six of the longest miles I ever rode. I am ridiculously out of shape, but I took the fatbike out on the camp road. Only about six miles out and back, but holy crap!! I need to get back to riding!

Ate some late lunch. Will go back out in a bit to try riding my trail. Pray for me.

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14 on the gravel. It’s flat as a pancake around town so I took my bike about 20 miles west to get some rolling hills. Not a lot of elevation but some good grades. Surface quality was all over the pace from hard pack to fresh gravel to sand to soft road to ice covered. Definitely called on my bike handling skills a few times!



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3 hours ago, Square Wheels said:


I've never been on a fat bike.  I imagine it's hard to push through the snow, is it?

There was only a couple inches of fresh snow on the dirt road, so it wasn't bad at all. My tires have great lugs, so they dig well. It's when I'm on my way too skinny trail and get too far to the side that I'm in trouble; sometimes the rear tire can dig, and I can save it. But once the front tire is off the hardpack, I'm dunzo.

I think I've ridden in about 6" of fresh snow on the streets in town and was AOK.

Good rubber, good lug pattern, and proper tire pressure are key. I like about 3.5 psi for my trail, but 5psi would have been fine on the camp road today.

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