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The Good Karma Hospital


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The Good Karma Hospital is a good Brit tv show. I am watching it on Acorn tv, but it wouldn't be expensive for one of the other services to pick up eventually,  maybe one of them will get it.

Which brings us to the obvious question, would you like it?

The gals would be more likely to like it, but last time I looked, I wasn't a gal.

A while back, a reporter of Indian descent was working in Pakistan, and planned on visiting India for the first time when his assignment was over. He asked a friend what to expect, and all he said that when he got there, he would know. About 1AM he pulled into a gas station just over the border. When he got out of the car, another car pulled in with 2 boys on the hood of the car. One was catching water from a leaking radiator in a bottle, the other was pouring water back into the radiator from another bottle.

I think of India as amazing, wonderful and horrible in roughly equal proportions. Walk out of your hotel, and you may have to step over a dead body. You can buy a new car for $600 or a cellphone for about $10. But if somebody hits your car, you can forget about an open casket funeral.

You will need to have a little interest in India for this show to work for you.

It's low budget, which means the writing and acting is a bit contrived at times. If there were as many medical problems in India as there are in the show, the population would be in decline.

Having said all that, it's about people making a good life in a challenging situation, many of whom could hop on a plane and triple their income overnight. The need is extreme, and they find the challenges rewarding.


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