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So, we work projects throughout the southeast and a coupla occasional spurs hither & thither. Our new accounting system make workers pay taxes to whichever state the project was in. Which is fine & normal for our project workers.

But, that means a shop worker, who has not worked outside of our shop, but has had his time charged to different projects, has to pay state income tax to the state where the project is.

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12 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

That sounds wrong to me, get it straightened out.

Not knowing how the laws or whatnots are written, this does sound wrong. Years ago I worked for a company where I did some on sight work in Detroit. Detroit has a city tax. I didn't have to pay city tax because I would had to have worked x amount of hours in Detroit. Which I did not.

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11 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

If they are independent contractors, they would get 1099 from the state they did they work for.  Otherwise, I have never heard of this.

Yeah, I think it's a bug with the new owners' accounting software and our maniacal desire to charge everything to a project.

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