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The Story of the Blueberry Waffle


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Years ago I took my parents on a weekend trip to hear one of their favorite authors speak.  This made me happy because it made them happy.  The author's speech was a big hit, and this made me even happier.  On the following day we had breakfast at the hotel before driving home.  This made us feel very prepared and budget conscious.  It was your typical hotel breakfast, only maybe not quite as good.  However, this was sort of a new experience for my folks, and they were very excited about the array of treats.  My Mom felt very adventurous so she decided to try to make a waffle.  She was a little confused about how the machine worked, so  nice business traveler showed her how to pour out the batter and pour it into the machine, then turn the machine over.  This made her very thankful.  Since she was feeling very adventurous, she opted for the blueberry batter!  This made her feel wild (but not as wild as wild sister). 

I said I thought I heard a beep, so she trustingly turned the waffle machine over, eager for her blueberry treat.  Well apparently it wasn't the beep for the waffle maker because she had a half cooked, purple mess on her hands.  Not being the sort of person to waste food, she dutifully scraped the purple mess from the waffle maker and added a little of the faux maple syrup to her plate.  This made her feel a little disappointed.  When she sat down at the table with her purple mess, we all laughed out loud so hysterically that we ended up feeling very silly and sort of giddy.  We all had a very fun breakfast and felt happy to have had such a memorable time.

The End.

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