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Orchard Park and surrounding areas

Prophet Zacharia

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@BuffJim and others very familiar with the area:

Are there any affordable hotels near New Era  Field, on an event night? $540 for a dump seems unreasonable, even if it’s only a 15 minute walk from the stadium. I see there are light rail lines/stations at the stadium, where is a convenient place to stay and take a train to the stadium? I’d prefer to not have to drive.

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It's kind of a tricky situation.  BuffCarla and I stayed in a fleabag on New Years Eve, for about $80  Red Carpet Inn. Easy walking distance to the stadium.  But they might be charging pretty jacked up rates.

There is no train service.

Lots of nice hotels downtown, near the airport and a few along the 90 in West Seneca.  I would check with the hotels to see if they have busses going to the concert.

Uber is a little crazy after the event, Never tried it for a concert, but I'm guessing the prices and availability wouldn't be good.

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