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Good Morning!!


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Brisk -11F with a -25F wind chill from a NE wind at 6 mph. All was well with the sheep, except one lamb had wandered from its area and a goat did not appreciate its presence. Thus, I had to disturb the large group from their resting place in the barn to retrieve the lamb and put it with mom.  Hopefully, everything went back to sleep and did not decide to go into labor as I left to return to the house. Temperatures are suppose to begin warming tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a Great Day and enjoys the cooler temperatures coming your way.

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44 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

Good morning! Cruise day today. Already 74F at 6 AM. Plan to walk 5 miles on the ship's track this morning and start a new book.

I bet that you feel guilty that you're sitting in 74° temperatures and some of us are sitting in 14° with a wind chill of -14° and snowing.


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