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Why don't people name their children 'Santa'

Mr. Silly

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22 minutes ago, Mr. Silly said:

Santa isn't a title, it is a name.

One person was named Santa.  I don't think anyone has ever been named Ponyboy or Sodapop.  


9 minutes ago, Allen said:

Ponyboy and Sodapop Curtis disagree. 

So does S.E. Hinton and Mr. Curtis.  Heck, it said Sodapop on his birth certificate.  Ponyboy would not like to Sherry.  And the movie was a documentary because the author played the Nurse.

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15 minutes ago, UglyBob said:

Santa is Italian for holy. Would you name your child Holy? I guess if your last name is Moley or Shit it would make since, but otherwise...

Jesus is a common name in many countries.

I bet at the North Pole there are more Santa's and Rudolph's than you can shake a candy cane at.

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Probably the same reason they don't name them "Saint."  Of course, in Hispanic and other cultures "Jesus" is ok and, since both "Jesus" and "Joshua" are misspellings of the same name, "Yeshua," and there are plenty of Joshuas, there should be no religious argument against "Santa" and "Saint."

Teaching school, there were sometimes kids with names apparently given to humiliate people talking to them like "Myprince," where their teachers always called them only by their last names. Their parents would argue with the teachers, demanding they call their kid by his first name. Of course, they never did.  I never had a kid with a name like that, but I did have two Korean twins with the same first and last names. My class list showed no other names. I asked them what their parents called them to distinguish them: "Uh, they call us the same name. We kinda know who they mean."

I finally wrangled out of them that they had different middle names, pronounced "Me" and "She" and that's what I called them.

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