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Jamie's Quick and Easy Food


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I love this cooking show on PBS because it has a good variety of "normal" food, uses 5 or less ingredients (plus seasonings), and tells you WHY you do certain techniques.

I've watched shows where you have to marinate stuff a long time, or there's a long list of ingredients and a lot of cooking steps.  Give me the few ingredient recipes instead!

When I belonged to an online book club, I downloaded some Jamie Oliver cookbooks and others' "5 Ingredient" cookbooks. I'm not big on cookbooks because there are thousands of free recipes for everything online, but books with few ingredients are a great place to look for new ideas.  The most extensive is Robin Miller's (host of Food Network's Quick Fix Meals) 500 recipes with 5 ingredients or less and 500 Calories of less:


Here's a really easy way to make an Alfredo sauce for pasta:


Here's an idea from the book that I like. I like leeks and potatoes so this could be the starter recipe which has a great broth and the general procedure in place to begin some substitutions: not pureeing, ham, beans, etc.


Here's an excuse to crank up the dough cycle on my automatic bread machine:




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Here are the other "5 ingredient" ebooks I downloaded. I don't recommend any of them like I do Robin Miller's book above. Sometimes their 5 ingredients are for the main piece of meat and then they recommend 2-5 other things as side dishes.  Then there are those that have more than 5 ingredients but treat things like a 14.5 oz. can of crushed tomatoes as a seasoning, not one of the 5 "ingredients!"

426125294_5IngredientCookbook50DeliciousQuickandEasyRecipes.jpg.27fc49020286a0f888e5c72520f1eb17.jpg  932658043_Expresslanecooking80quick-shopmealsusing5ingredients.jpg.e5831a2d6a5cb622d41c472e66b84a61.jpg  507931488_MichaelSymons5in5.jpg.d4f36fcc35bdff8d2e422ebb028cdd96.jpg370928112_RoccosFiveMinuteFlavorFabulousMealswith5Ingredientsin5Minutes.jpg.8eb96db482896c7f0d8e4a1aaa7a9917.jpg 934694421_The5.30Challenge5Ingredients30min.JPG.77a69706f5468a52d97ee6f7390d220c.JPG

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