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Why do people in prison turn to homosexuality?

Road Runner

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From what I have read and seen in the media, prisons are a hotbed of homosexual activity.

Do people in prison forget how to masturbate?

At various times, when I was younger and full of vinegar, I went relatively long stretches without sexual liaisons with women of the opposite sex.  During those lean times, I never once thought about switching teams.  WTF?  

I'm sure @Randomguy has an answer for this.  :unsure:

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Since it's a common prison phenomenon, my guess is that the sociological and psychological conditions there favor homosexual relationships.

When I was a State Director in the Maryland Jaycees, we would occasionally visit a Jaycees chapter in the Maryland State Penitentiary.  Just walking in and hearing those barred doors clang shut behind us was scary.  Of course, most of the prisoners who joined the Jaycees chapter were articulate, often educated (embezzlement convictions, etc.) but there were murderers, too.  They seemed to enjoy having new faces to talk to or play chess with, though many were there for the credit they'd get for good behavior.

One has to wonder how much the avg. prisoner's self-esteem, hope, and boredom are affected in prison and that having a consensual close, touching, physical relationship of any kind might help to keep them from going crazy.  In other cases, it may be a case of one of the few ways of demonstrating prisoner dominance over other prisoners.


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