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How do you clean a treadmill?


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I inherited a treadmill.  I don't use treadmills.  I will sell this treadmill.

First, I have to clean it, though.  It has been bathed in dust for a decade at least.  How do I best clean the plastic?  How do I clean the rubber roller (the area that you run or walk on)?

Do you want it?

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I have a treadmill, can't run, I walk on it.

Take a big towel, and slide it under the belt, helps if you have someone. Work it back and forth. Move the belt the width of the towel, slide the towel down and repeat. If it's filthy, you may need a second towel.

I'd have a treadmill guy give it a tuneup. I've had mine a couple years, and I just had a treadmill guy do just that.

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