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Who is the least famous person from your home town?


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That would be Mikey. 

Mike was a smart guy that just did stupid shit. Couldn't hold a job because he was always in trouble. Would steal from family and friends because he couldn't hold a job and it was always somebody elses fault.

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It's probably a guy named Charles (last name omitted so he won't be embarrassed by a search) who was in my class at Saint Rose Elementary School.

I tried to be nice to Charles, but Charles did nothing to mix in with the other school kids. Charles did almost NOTHING period.  He was very poor academically both because he was mentally weak and because he didn't work hard.  He didn't even go out for THE easy status symbol thing many of us did: becoming an Altar Boy back in the days when the Catholic mass was in Latin!  Charles just wasn't motivated.

When we had recess, we'd play tag, ball games, etc. but Charles would usually sit against the back wall of the church and watch everybody playing. One day while sitting there, one of the kids out on the playground told us to look at Charles - and the pigeon on the church roof straight above him.  Sure enough, the pigeon dropped a big batch of guano right on Charles's head!  The humiliation was bad enough - can you imagine what it would be like today with smartphones and Facebook?

I just looked him up and found him on Facebook.  Still lives locally, but no listed local interests except Naval Academy Football. He has a low-level job history, etc. as expected. He has a beard several inches long but no other hair on his head. I haven't seen him in decades, but he's easily identifiable by his eyes, which still have a signature blank look on them as if he's trying to figure out what's going on.  He has some Facebook Friends, but no one that I know.

Definitely a candidate for least famous.

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