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Look at the fashions in this pic (also featuring 2yo me)


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1 hour ago, maddmaxx said:

28 here, married, out of the service and working for Stewart Warner selling automotive servicing equipment to garages and dealerships.

19 and working on a drawing board at a division of Sunbeam Corporation.

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Men's fashions change slowly. Some civilian pictures I've seen from the Civil War would pass for normal today in the hair and clothes.

But I love pictures with a lot of women where I can try to figure out the year of the picture from their apparent age, attire, and hairstyles. Try to guess the years when these pictures with my mother and her sisters were taken. First picture: my mom's 15 years-old and on the right with 3 of her older sisters. Second pic: mon and all 4 older sisters when much older:


In the 2nd picture, the left and next to left from the above picture are standing in back in the same order.  The next to right and right in the above picture are sitting on the left and right (my mother).



Hint: the one sitting on the left above, my Aunt Sally, is the only one still living and will be 100 years-young in August.  The picture below is of her last Christmas, 2019:



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7 hours ago, Old#7 said:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I was a high school freshman. Smoking cigarettes and other things.  Kung Fu Fighting was top of the charts. Cat’s in the Cradle was up there too. 

I don’t think that Everyone was Kung Foo fighting. 

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1 minute ago, Rattlecan said:

The 70s were definitely not the high point for fashion, that's for sure. 1976ish, the whole fam damily, me on the left with the epic sideburns. 


Say what.  It doesn't get any better than polyester leisure suits.  Mine was brown and went well with my imitation leather brown platform shoes.

Stay away from open flames.

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8 hours ago, Reverend_Maynard said:

My father on the right standing, my mother on the right sitting, my aunt (father's sister) on the left sitting.  My sister standing in the middle, and little me in the foreground. :D  X-mas of 1974, I think.

Image may contain: 1 person

Didn't realize I am older than you.  My 1974 year old self could have beat you up.

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I'm in this HS yearbook photo in 1977...because I was the editor of it and that's why I'm sitting in the middle.  The tall girl with long hair behind me on my right, in middle, became the Dean of Geological Engineering at Queen's University in Kingston.  

The girl on my left seated, became a lawyer for a national law firm.  Each of these 2 girls were close friends of each of my sisters.  All of that was coincidental in their yearbook involvement. There were people that showed up in this photo, which I wondered how earth they volunteered for the yearbook.  I learned early about easy-riders.  :( or parasites. 

I gave my heart and time into the design of the yearbook, even undertook research through archival photos from 1920's to 1950's which were featured in that year's book.  It inspired a multi-decade high school reunion 2 yrs. later because of the research, I wrote  in the yearbook our HS will be 100+ yrs. old.

Very true myself and siblings, did tend to have best friends who were nerdy/bright but fun/nice kids.



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