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The only Apple product we have is my wife’s Apple iPhone XR.  When she finally decided to get a smartphone, she didn’t want a Galaxy S10.  So, I had to learn Apple to teach her how to use the phone, and sync with our computers.   (beleve me I tried to get her to go with the S10)

I’ve been using Norton 360 (and recently Life Lock) for years with my Windows computers.  The version of Norton 360 I use, has 5 device licenses.  I use 4 or of the 5 licenses;  in theory… my Samsung Galaxy S7, my laptop, my wife’s desk top computer and her iPhone XR are protected from viruses, trojans, malware, etc…   I’ve never had any issues over many years, so I’m assuming the Norton 360 works as intended.

I’ve never heard of AG Solutions.  That said, I’ve never needed to look past Norton 360.   

I wouldn’t want a 5 year commitment.   That seems like a long commitment to me.  And if it’s expensive for 5 years too, that makes me wonder if they installed the trojan for the sale of the protection, especially if they contacted you .

All I know is what works for me.

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If you are in the window of time to purchase Apple Care, why not from the Apple Store. Seems to be a price controlled item at known authorized resellers. I do get it a little cheaper but that is due to Apple’s alternate price list for student/military/government.

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43 minutes ago, sheep_herder said:

Thanks, but I really do need some help on this matter.

I'd be interested in more details on the problem. What makes you think you have the trojan, what you've done to try to fix it, how old the iPad is and iOS version, etc..  Considering trojans are pretty rare on something like an iPad, I wonder if it is truly a trojan or maybe more a scam type thing

Anyway, it would be nice to know because I also think a 5 yr "fix" is a bit extreme.

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Typically a virus on a Mac will reside in an application.  The application structure is different than on a Wintel.  You don’t get crap imbedded in a boot sector.  Typically deleteing the infected application clears the issue.  Commonly they attach themselves to your browser.  I don’t use Safari for this reason because it’s part of the OS and I don’t want to reload that.  I use Chrome and have Firefox as my backup browser.

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