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Quiz about a car accident.


Poll about a car accident  

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  1. 1. A friend was changing the battery in his wife's car. She was in a hurry and wouldn't wait for him to finish. Instead she took his pickup truck that he just bought and she'd never driven before. It was parked pointing up their steep driveway with the parking brake on. She started the truck and it when it wouldn't move, she got out of the truck to find the parking brake release. She found it and the truck starting rolling backwards as she left it in reverse. The driver's door knocked here down and the truck crashed into a tree across the road. Question: Why was it the husband's fault?

    • He was married to her?
    • He didn't have the battery changed in her car in time?
    • He used the parking brake?
    • He didn't read the owners manual to her?
    • Some of the above?
    • All of the above?
    • All of the above and much, much more?

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