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Don is dying


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Has been going downhill for a year now.Tomorrow he transfers to hospice...since his wife died about 5 years ago he "disowned" his 3 daughters on a regular basis..a pattern since they all reached adulthood..who knows what events in his life made him who he is. I have had a good connection with one daughter..she is here from out of state and doing the best she can to ease his passing..regardless of the pain of his behavior as recent as a week ago. One of his other daughters broke down in my office...she was there and helping as she could..he is now sedated and she feels like she missed a chance for him to say..I'm sorry and I love you...I did my best to console her...I did not tell her it is better that he isn't awake...cos I am not sure she would hear what she wants to hear..He is a troubled soul.


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4 hours ago, Airehead said:

Bless you for doing this work. Tell her to make peace on her end regardless of what he does or does not do. 

This. During the three years I was an elder for my church, I heard numerous confessions from elderly men that they were insecure in their salvation because their relationships with their children were alienated, or antagonistic. They felt like failures, unknown in their struggle to be a good witness to their children, a good leader of their family. Even though the situation you’re describing sounds like it’s the children who are insecure in their father’s love instead of the other way around, the truth is the same:  Our heart is fully known. 

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