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40 years ago today


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I was there! During the games I got on a maintenance crew at the Olympic village. My assignment was the main entry to the village. The N.Y. State Police did all the security checks in that building . I made sure they had everything they needed. In return the would offer me free tickets to many events. I saw USA/ Ussr and the USA/ Finland gold medal games.

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I've set my DVR to record Miracle tomorrow on ESPN.  It's been some time since I saw it.  I took my parents to Lake Placid a few times for a skating event and the first time we entered the arena my Dad was so shocked by how small it is by modern standards. It's outdated by modern standards, but still so historic. and exciting to see.

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I had recently moved to Michigan.  The game was not shown live - tape delay.  With my active social calendar didn’t see that game but did watch the gold metal game on Sunday with Finland.

That call pretty much launched Al Michaels in his career.  “There were no miracles on the biathlon course.”

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