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Good morning!


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Good Morning all

Up at my normal time and I don't have to work today..WTF

The wife and I will be taking a little 3 day motorcycle trip up around northern Wisconsin.

 That should be pretty nice! Northern Wisconsin really is one beautiful place. Real interesting roads, too. Up, down, left and right. Great stuff for a motorcycle ride

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Mornin.  Headin back to work after two days off. 


Yesterday was just such a perfect day.  Bkes, time with my love, new tires for my Fatty, ordered a new Haro dirt jump bike, made a dinner that amazed my husband, and went to sleep at a very reasonable hour.  The riding yesterday was amazing.  We got some rain and the dirt was tacky.  Oh man....Perfect.  

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I'm up! (more ways than one  :whistle: )

Already consumed my coffee and moved the cars out of the way....the moving company is due any minute to pick up the container.

Still have about a days worth of packing....kiitchen, closet, odd 'n ends......

Damn, moving is a pain in the ass.

Where are you going, CL?  


Oh,...and good morning, all!  I have nothing to do today and all day to do it.

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