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need a little help (update)


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So I have repositioned all my trail cams along my driveway well hidden in the trees. I was not able to find the trespassers cam(s) :(

I have also set up a plastic chain across the drive that looks like a metal one so he/she will need to get out and move it.

I have read online if you misplace a trail cam, you can use your cell phones camera at night to track track it down. I guess by viewing someone walking at night through the camera setting, the flash of the IR camera on the trail cam will glow bright letting you know the direction it is coming from.
looks like the doggy and I are going to the camp for a midnight hike. :)

I also have contacted the local sheriffs office, and they said my property is by the home of one of their deputies. He is willing to check on the property from time to time to see if he can catch the trespasser in the act.

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Nothing much now... it is just an update to one of my posts a few days ago about someone trespassing on our property in the UP.  I fought them a few times on the trail cams I have set up, and I asked for advice on what I should do about stopping them from trespassing. 

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Have you been physically out the spot yet?


you know, I say they got something out there on your land they are checking on

I was just up there a few days ago... there are no pot plants :( I walked 80% of the property and only checked out a few trees that make good places for cams or tree stands. The property is very tightly tree packed with a few game trails. The distance for bow hunting is 20 yards or closer in a lot of the spots except for the openness of the driveway and small open field. 

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