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So at the last Bored meeting the lawyer dude said he would be stepping down..too many irons in the fire since he bought a building and is working and building his private lawyer practice...

We had a meeting tonight to discuss/review our present property management company...cos lots of things have not changed....

I did message the secretary...who was not at this meeting about minutes...we really should do the minutes the week of the board meeting...so they are done...instead it is a rush to get them done and an agenda a few days before the meeting...and we had talked about getting it done sooner...but..change is slow.

Well...she is gonna quit the board too...that will leave me with a bunch of retired people who have no real clue about what the employment situation is like (they have not been involved in hiring anyone except our part time caretaker) They aren't necessarily looking forward...with stuff....

I am not so concerned about the lawyer leaving...although I wish he would either stay his term or at least until our annual meeting...But the secretary has good energy and good board experience that would help us in the long run...

Effin fun here folks...and I have to make sense out of our meeting tonight so we have details for the Thursday meeting with the management company!


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We run our board meetings a bit differently.  We have the community management rep at the meeting with printouts of all the "good stuff" - financials, quotes, delinquencies, prior meeting minutes, etc., That rep brings her "secretary" to capture the current meeting minutes.  We basically go through our agenda and make decisions (or put them off :) ).

We have a meeting tonight.  It is hard to get folks to join and stay on the board as we don't get paid, and it does eat up time.

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