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Fishing with an attitude


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1 minute ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

That guy's a douche! I have him on ignore.

I will say, most folks here are pretty good about their links. I would prefer some better excerpting of the links so folks can get the gist of something before clicking through, but you can't have it all. You clearly know that as you lounge in paradise with no way to watch Better Call Saul!

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17 minutes ago, 12string said:

I got a suspicious email, with a "Click Here" link to fix my email program.  So of course, hover first.

The link address started with "http://do.not.click.this.link."

I bet one of the phishers clicked his own link and had to pay himself lots of money to unlock his computer, so after that they changed the link name.

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4 minutes ago, jsharr said:

This is the second time today I have seen or heard the word harangue used.  Third actually if you count me quote the guy on the phone that used the word when I emailed by boss about the call.

In Texas I would think it would be fairly common to hear.

Joe: How did you know old Clyde's bull had died?

Chuck: Harangued me up and told me!

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