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How Wilbur Lives


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53 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

So I’m spending the weekend working an event with our CEO. I got here a day early, Coordinated pick up at the FBO, did my site recons & coordination with event staff, local security & PD and now I have the afternoon free in an uber swanky Hotel.BF04A9EB-BABC-4E57-B771-A6AAE7769B06.thumb.jpeg.686d1f54b5b8ec2fe609738396007360.jpeg

Ocean views!


Fully stocked fridge.


Snacks anyone?8E116ACA-DBEC-44E8-98C6-A76CCBA5ED19.thumb.jpeg.c02f2039b99c62c2974e81a62776896e.jpeg

Fancy robes & slippers!

And my wife chose to stay home! 😂

Private sector employees have it good at times.....well some of them.

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10 minutes ago, shootingstar said:

Private sector employees have it good at times.....well some of them.

I’m sitting at a beach front bistro ordering $15 bottle beer, $50 entry’s but finalizing last minute logistics with the Pilot, limo driver & FBO...   

It’s not all posh & fun!

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1 hour ago, Airehead said:

What are you doing today?

Escorting our CEO as he speaks to our top performers and then attend an awards dinner  at a swanky hotel.  They get a 3 day all expense paid weekend with lots of fun stuff to do.  I’m just here for the boss.

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OK riddle me this Batman.  Who attends a company function, stands too close to the CEO and doesn’t interact with anyone???  

After I sicked the big dogs on him come to find out I had them jam up the drummer?  Apparently his drum kit was inside then ball room and didn’t know where to stand during the outdoor reception before getting let in so parked himself a little too close to the boss.


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