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I had a dog like that!

The elementary school bus used to stop and still does in front of my parents' (now my) house.

I had a terrific beagle named Scout.  In the 60's to early 70's, he would gather and watch the kids while they waited for the school bus in the morning.  He either knew when the bus would arrive in the PM or could detect its motor's sound from a distance and when the kids got off the bus he was there waiting to escort them to their homes - which he did like a sheep dog, keeping them on the sidewalks and knew where each one lived!

One day, he jumped the fence of a neighbor's yard and chased their pet rabbit, which was allowed to run loose in the yard.  Scout was an excellent rabbit hunting dog!  The neighbors asked that Scout be chained up in our yard (he could jump or literally climb any chain link fence) and not be allowed to roam the streets (which was technically illegal).

But the other parents on the block screamed at the rabbit owners because they felt safe with Scout shepherding their kids! They persuaded them (they were very nice people) to put their rabbit in a big 12' x 6' cage with a screen on top - otherwise Scout would have figured out how to get in. They owned a ma-pa hardware store so that wasn't a problem.

To this day in stores, bars, gas stations, etc., when I run across older folks who were kids in our neighborhood they almost invariably mention Scout!

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