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Saturday, bright and cold


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44 minutes ago, Kzoo said:

How’d my pic get turned sideways?

Glad you’re feeling better @Airehead.

I had that happen twice this week, I thought it was my new phone causing it. The photo editing software on the new phone is different than the older iPhone and I pad and I couldn’t turn it so I went to my iPad and turned it.

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31F with a wind chill of 21F here, and we're loving it.  It is a beautiful morning, photos to come later. Sunrise taken a bit after peak color, and Smokey in the road headed out to hunt for breakfast.  A deer is in the cornfield on the far left.  I did not see the deer when taking the photos.  Just cool enough to firm up the mud.




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It cold here too - of course we'd have some of our coldest February days when my furnace conked out and I can't get a repairman until at least Monday!

But the sun is beating down on my house through clear skies and the 1500W space heaters I set up this morning are bringing the key rooms in the house back tp normal from the 62° it fell to overnight.

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