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Owning a house on Lake Erie has its drawbacks

Road Runner

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I guess it was the water washing over the houses and freezing.....

Problem of living close a large natural water body...flood threat, etc.   I should know because of living near a major river that flows from the Rocky Mountains.

Yesterday, in a local real estate magazine, there were some fantastic large homes that looked spanking new renovated.  Located near river. Yes, of course, it's a more scenic area of town. Yea, right.  Same river that would have flooded these homes about 7 yrs. ago. I mean major flooding from basement right up through whole of lst floor.  These newly renovated homes are priced several million $$$.  What a rip-off. 

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2 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

Who builds their house on a hill of sand at the edge of a lake?

When they built the house, it was probably 100 feet from the edge of the cliff and they thought it would stay that way!

The same thing is going on along the Chesapeake and its tributaries.  Many communities have been required to put rip-rap (rocks) at their water's edge, extending up to high tide level to lessen erosion.

Worse are some homes built on islands in the Bay that have been stable for hundreds of years but are disappearing now and are likely to be totally submerged in another 50 years.

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I live in a flood plain zone....no I didn't look into in advance since I thought we would be far enough from the river.  There are a fair number of homes built less than 50 metres from the river's edge over the past 75-100 yrs. 

Yup, we had a major flood and I was 1 of the 100,000 evacuees.  Actually it was the sunp pump that didn't turn on to stop clean water from flooding our underground storage locker/garage area.

A few years later, some nice looking condos continue to be built...that's because the buildings were already approved prior to the flood. Just insane. :whistle:  

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