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I am lethargic, what will motivate me?


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29 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Why can’t you walk?  Are you injured or is it the distance?

Foot problems and swelling, randomly.  Seeing a doctor on Wednesday about it.   

Otherwise, RO is not into being on a train, subways are boring for kids that are from here.  Going from BK to Manhattan to BK to Manhattan and back to Brooklyn on Sunday is not fun for anybody.  

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3 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

We all have new eyes.  I've been trying to do toga with my eyes closed and imagine how hard life must be blind.  It gives me an amazing perspective while I'm there.

I meant new real eyes.  I has made a funny.

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5 hours ago, Airehead said:

@Randomguy, did you get motivated?

Yes.  I got a groupon and also used what was left on an AMC gift card to go see 1917, a very good movie.  Since the theater was close to the gym, I brought my Jaedo and did a weight workout (I can only do upper body)  in it.  On the way home, I used the other groupon I got (get a $30 voucher for $19) from a natural foods grocer and I bought sauerkraut (2 kinds), butter, rice, and probiotic drink.  I burned all my foot candles and can barely walk again, but I had a good day.

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