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Happy March!


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2 hours ago, BuffJim said:

One month closer to retirement. 85 months to go, if I get my way. 

I haven't done the countdown to that degree of accuracy. :D

I tend to be the sort of person that is motivated by vague numbers. If I get very specific, I actually find it demoralizing because I get impatient because I want to reach the destination faster.  ie. for a bike trip tour....all I need to know it's a 110 km. trip.  Then know approx. half way, then 2/3 of a way.  Then 1 km. from destination.  

Same for weight maintenance.  I don't weigh daily nor even weekly at times.  

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March has always been the month that brought me out of my winter blues.  Even if it started cold and snowy, I could see the light at the end of winter's tunnel.

Of course, we didn't have winter in many places in America this season, so it's mostly the extended daylight that's great - daylight savings time in most states begins March 8!

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6 minutes ago, Further said:

Yesterday was the first time going into work that I could see beyond the headlights. This morning I could see into the fields beside the road   :hapydance:

It won't last for long. Next weekend we 'spring forward' an hour.

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