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So, my cousin who died a little while ago

Square Wheels

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His older brother, my last remaining male cousin, will be gone soon.  Just talked with him on the phone, weeks to a month or two.  He'll die at home with family.

I hardly knew him, lives in Virginia.  Haven't seen him in at least 10 years.

I had a small, not very close family, it's getting smaller.

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I'm sorry to hear that SW.  My sister and I went to visit the last living relative of my Mom's generation yesterday.  Her brother had heart surgery and is recovering, but we were glad to see his sense of humor and spirit were on full display.  I brought him a book that I found about the history of his old high school and he seemed happy to look at the pictures and relive some of the memories.  It's hard to lose people close to us, but this can also be a reminder to appreciate them while they're here.

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Sorry for hear that SW. May your children become friends/strong advocates to you and your wife over time. If that makes any sense..

I come from a big family and have mixed feelings...it's like the more family members one has, the more times one might experience grief more often.  My father was the last to pass away in his family generation line.  That was 5 years ago. My mother is probably 1 out of approx. 2 siblings alive out of total of 8 siblings.  Mother is 80 and she is the 2nd youngest.

A good friend was stopped by the thought that it's only she and her sister left in the immediate family. Her sister has 3 girls. 

As someone who doesn't have children, I realize I don't have anyone by blood to leave behind.  However, having 7 nieces and nephews gives me lots choice for gifting. I've known them since they were babies.

When I was in my 20's, we wondered why on earth was my mother pleased whenever 2 siblings would go on vacation together. Stuff like that.  Now looking back, it maybe a parent is always pleased when siblings are good pals to one another/enjoy other person's company.  It's like procreation of multiple kids....is also creating /having friend(s)....for life in a family.


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