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Whatever happened to botto?


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1 hour ago, Couch_Incident said:


BTW, I thought they banned you there.



36 minutes ago, Allen said:

I have a sock puppet account here left over from my admin days. Someone forgot to ban it when they threw me out. You can borrow it. 


34 minutes ago, Couch_Incident said:

I'm not really interested in going there.  I was just wondering about botto.

But by all means, let Page use it!




...there is also this foo thread where people talk about former members they miss.  They mention @Couch_Incident (in fact , he posted in the early pages of it, before the ban.)

It keeps getting bumped and updated. Not a one of those fuckers  has ever missed me.  :(  Not that I care. I wouldn't want to join a club that would have me as a member.

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...botto was like a bleeding ulcer.  Whenever he showed up, it was in the interest of causing pain.

As a "real, serious, bicycle racer" , I think he only posts in the pro racer forum now.  He's typical of a lot of the "real, serious bicycle racers" I've encountered in life. At least the guys.


Chick racers are a little nicer to each other, probably because they go slower or something.

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16 minutes ago, Couch_Incident said:

You just opened a can of worms.


...I can prove they go slower.  I can't prove they're nicer to each other, but as an oppressed minority, they should be.

5 minutes ago, Dottles said:


@Wilbur? @Page Turner? @maddmaxx? Any of you folks want to take a shot?  Unibomber guy I found terribly entertaining. From afar.


...picture the illegitimate offspring of Hunter S Thompson and Edward Abbey. 

I think his life was styled around the character of Hayduke, who he did not realize was fictional.



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8 minutes ago, Chris... said:

This picture got me banned from BF 


They have no sense of humour. 

He actually gave me a lot of good rides to do in the US and Europe via PM.  He had a sharp tongue but he never gave me a hard time.  I didn't mind him. 

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