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I have been waking up with a sore neck/shoulder


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It happens if I lie down improperly.

I also got into a situation where I kept getting some headaches more frequently after a well-loved bed pillow had to be discarded after 12 yrs. of use.

  For myself, the type of pillow made a difference.  I ended up scouring different stores for about 2 months.  I needed a bed pillow that more on the flatter side and not super puffy. My pillow makes a slight dent when I sleep on it.  It doesn't bounce back immediately.  It was important how my neck was supported yet not have the pillow so puffy it pushed my shoulders, neck and head forward while lying in bed.  I even discussed about pillow with my physiotherapist.

I was so happy to find the right pillow type that I bought 2....one for each home location.

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I'm incredibly picky about pillows in hotels.  90% of time, I can't sleep on any pillow found on the bed.  So I end sleeping without one.

For interesting reasons, I found the hotels in Japan and Seoul, the types of pillows provided in the hotels we stayed, jived well with me 80% of the time.  Pillows were abit flatter. :) 

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11 hours ago, shootingstar said:

Pillows were abit flatter.

I prefer a skinny pillow. We have a couple that my wife calls "pancake" pillows because they are so skinny/flat, but I love them. She opts for the fluffier ones which I hate (except for propping up to read).

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1 hour ago, Longjohn said:

I think even if nobody replies to our posts we can get answers from the ads. Look at the ad that came up for petites post.


Ha Mine was opioid addiction.



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