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Hello from the Prairie!


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So....got caught up in a sobriety check on the way home last night   :whistle:   Here we were...100 miles from the metropolis of Sioux Falls...Somewhere 5 to 10 miles east of De Smet...10 pm in a string of cars ..many of them filled with little girls high on being at the Laura Ingalls Wilder pageant...And they have a sobriety check stop... :dontknow:


We passed...good thing they didn't stop us the night before coming home from the winery   :whistle:


Okay..so we had to stop mid-way on the drive home and clean the windshield of dead bugs.  But the pageant was mosquito free.  Spent part of the day in antique shops and then touring some of the places mentioned in the last 4 "Little House Books"


Today was mello...we went to the farmers market and out to lunch...hopefully we will do a little card making this early evening...and dinner..buffalo I believe...Tomorrow I will head home early enough (I hope) to get a load of laundry done...so tthe weekend isn't a complete waste   :P

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