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Kirkland Bourbon

Mr. Silly

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Has anyone here tried Kirkland Bourbon from Costco? 

It's like $15 for ½ gallon.  I usually keep two types of bourbon in the house, one for sipping straight.  I am willing to spend money for that one.  I also like to have one to mix with ginger ale or sprite.  I go budget with the mixin' whiskey.  Most recently I tried Canadian Mist ($19 for ½ gallon) and I couldn't cut it enough.  I am thinking of trying the Costco whiskey.  Is it good enough to mix with soda?

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The first Costco was out of Kirkland, WA.  They use their name on all sorts of things from big brand manufacturers.  I have not tried it but I'll bet you it's some decent stuff.  Almost all Kirkland brand stuff is good -- because they just slap their brand on the manufacturer's product.

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9 minutes ago, 12string said:

More than 10 now.  


And it doesn't mean all the bourbon at each place pours out of the same faucet.

Many of those say things like "plans to produce"  so maybe licensed but not in production.  And that list was from 2016

This says there are now 20 working distilleries making Bourbon in Kentucky


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1 hour ago, jsharr said:


This says there are only 10 Bourbon distillers in the US and that all the Bourbon comes from them and that some of the Costco Bourbon is from Buffalo Trace.

Thank you very much.  It sounds like it will go well with ginger ale


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